Louisiana Women in Technology

LaWIT is an organization comprised of women dedicated to the fields of Technology, Engineering, and Science. No matter what tech-related field you're in, our organization provides a broad range of support and resources to advance women in Southern Louisiana.

We recognize the unique challenges women face in their professional careers. Our networking opportunities give members the chance to expand their professional contacts, and build upon skills and knowledge that will take their career to the next level.

LaWIT serves as a conduit between students and professionals, emphasizing the need for our next generation to pursue and master technology, engineering, and science careers. With the resources of the professional community behind it, LaWIT aims to raise awareness so that young women feel empowered to pursue a challenging, creative, and fulfilling career path.

Engineer IT 2.0

In this super fun challenge, teams of students will be introduced to a local environmental issue (soil and water conservation stewardship) and will use the engineering design process and technologies to develop and communicate a solution with the help of environmental engineer professionals. Great opportunity to introduce eighth grade students to engineering design process, the important work done by engineers and scientists, and a range of STEM workplace skills. ---------------- Teachers can begin nominating their teams via the online registration form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Engineerit-FAll2016

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altBR Podcast - LaWIT: How we met, How we built LaWIT, and How LaWIT can make a difference

Kristen Reeves and Sara Moore. Combining their expertise in the technology & science sectors, they came together to found LaWIT, a community of women promoting STEM to girls, young & old around the Baton Rouge community. In this episode we explore the importance & impact of women in these traditionally male-dominated fields, what their organization is doing to support and encourage girls to pursue their dreams & how we can better adapt as a city and community to promote gender equality. http://altbrpodcast.com/episodes/kristen-reeves-sara-moore

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