Louisiana Women in Technology

LaWIT is an organization comprised of women dedicated to the fields of Technology, Engineering, and Science. No matter what tech-related field you're in, our organization provides a broad range of support and resources to advance women in Southern Louisiana.

We recognize the unique challenges women face in their professional careers. Our networking opportunities give members the chance to expand their professional contacts, and build upon skills and knowledge that will take their career to the next level.

LaWIT serves as a conduit between students and professionals, emphasizing the need for our next generation to pursue and master technology, engineering, and science careers. With the resources of the professional community behind it, LaWIT aims to raise awareness so that young women feel empowered to pursue a challenging, creative, and fulfilling career path.

Organization Spotlight!


Baton Rouge Youth Coalition (BRYC) is a college-access focused organization that prepares high-achieving, under-resourced high school students, or “Fellows,” to get into, excel at, and graduate from strong-fit four-year colleges. Founded in 2009, BRYC aims to enhance Fellows’ academic and intellectual aptitudes, social and emotional wellbeing, and leadership skills, and to support them and their families throughout the college application, scholarship and financial aid processes. What began in 2009 as a handful of students and parents meeting weekly after school at the local teen center is now the most robust college readiness program in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area.


BRYC inspires and challenges high-achieving, under-resourced teens, or “Fellows,” to design and realize bold futures. We do this by providing holistic leadership, academic, college-preparatory, and emotional support services. Our program fuels our Fellows’ innate talents, work ethics and boundless potential to become leaders of change.

Strategies for Change

BRYC engages four broad strategies to achieve its desired change. They are the four Es:

Educate: ensure all Fellows enter and graduate from college
Expose: ensure all Fellows gain access and exposure to a full range of opportunities
Experience: provide real-life opportunities for Fellows to develop leadership, interpersonal and communication skills
Engage: build a strong and enduring BRYC community that encourages Fellows and Alumni to support and challenge one another

Please check out their website for more information: http://thebryc.org/

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*Blog Highlight*
Kim Fossey with LaStemWorks.org

Mrs. Kim Fossey does a great job of exploring Louisiana's strategy and capacity for advancing STEM education, careers, and workforce for all. Louisiana has its own array of STEM assets, strengths and approaches in place - thus this site is designed to discover these strategies and activities.

Please take a moment to read her blog! I am sure she would appreciate any comments or new discussion topics!

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